LOVE BEGINS HERE Launched in the summer of 2009 in the diocese of madison. ten years and 69 mission trips later, LBH missionaries have transformed communities. Beginning in 2016, Love begins here has branched out to help other catholic dioceses and communities engage in local mission trips with the LBH family. 

"Love Begins here reminds me that true joy comes from following Christ in everything we do. I am able to live that out on LBH by going out of my comfort zone to help others, and I found joy in my work." - High School Missionary

"I used to close my eyes to people I didn’t care about. I was never happy. And then, I came to Love Begins Here for the first time. I spent time in prayer, and I would talk and laugh with other missionaries. I was finally happy after years and years of being depressed." - Middle School Missionary

"Nothing we did on Love Begins Here was going to change the world drastically. What it could drastically change is someone’s life. Although our tasks were small, they were by no means trivial, and we made a lot of people’s days by just giving of our time this week." - High School Missionary


Love Begins Here Locations


Established In 2009

97,000+ Hours of Service

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2016 + 2017

1,000+ Hours of Service


Established In 2017

9,300+ Hours of Service

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